Blend Tech 4 Way Test





4-Way HD Antifreeze Coolant NMOAT, BTFFCA & BTHOAT

The Blend Tech, 4-way series of four -in-one test strips provides added ranges for evaluation of protection of the supplemental additives in the cooling system for Nitrite Organic Acid Technology (NMOAT) systems. Measuring the freeze point, pH and nitrite and molybdate levels in your engine's cooling system is absolutely essential for protection against liner pitting, corrosion and coolant dilution. These strips measure the concentration of antifreeze coolant inhibitors in cooling systems including red extended service coolants, green and purple conventional and yellow extended service. Fast and accurate results of nitrite, molybdate, freeze point and pH are easily determined. This product is suitable for testing all OAT-based (NMOAT, HOAT and Conventional) coolants. The Specific ranges are as follows:

  • Nitrite 0 - 3200 ppm
  • Molybdate 150-1200
  • pH < 7.5 - 11 +
  • Freeze Point, Glycol 30%-60%