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Blend Tech BTFFCA

Antifreeze Blending Additive
Product Information Sheet


BTFFCA additive syrup is a single component product that is used to blend premium quality antifreeze / engine coolant for use in virtually any vehicle. Used as directed, blending BTFFCA with glycol* or 50% glycol and water will result in engine coolant that complies with ASTM D6210. It is ready to be used, without additional additives, in any gasoline, diesel or gaseous fuel engine. This type of coolant is sometimes referred to as "fully formulated" or "SCA pre-charged".

BTFFCA, used as directed, will result in an antifreeze / engine coolant that may be used in virtually any engine cooling system. This technology is well proven over decades of use, and is essentially identical to the coolants used in most North American heavy duty vehicle plants as factory fill. BTFFCA meets ASTM D6210 (type 1 if blended with ethylene glycol, type 2 if blended with propylene glycol, type 3 if blended with 50% EG and water, type 4 if blended with 50%PG and water). It is also approved for blending with 1,3 propanediol (PDO) to make coolant that is more thermally stable than EG or PG coolants. The coolant also meets TMC RP-329 (EG or TMC RP-330 (PG). If used as directed BTFFCA will provide satisfactory performance in most cars and trucks including the following:

Typical Table of Properties and ASTM Test Results (blended with EG):


Blending Procedure

Blending Procedure BTFFCA EG 50-50 Premix
Blending Procedure BTFFCA EG Concentrate