Blend Tech supplies inhibitor syrups to a variety of clients from large scale blenders to local recycling companies.

All inhibitor chemistry has been tested at Amalgamated Laboratories in Phoenix, AZ.  Amalgatech is an independent coolant research laboratory subscribing to Standard ASTM testing regimens.  All products have documented testing data whether it be ASTM D-6210, ASTM D-3306 or other required testing.  Blend Tech maintains the one of the highest quality standards in the industry by continued Quality Control testing of each batch of materials.

Please choose an application for your inhibitor needs from one of the icons below to review the technical data for the particular chemistry


BTNN80 - None Nitrite Poly Organic


BTFFCA - Blend Tech Heavy Duty Fully Formulated Inorganic


BTUCA - Hybrid Technology

Compatible with Ford®, Chrysler® and similar G-05® type technologies

BTHOAT - Blend Tech Automotive Inorganic


BTOAT - Organic Acid Technology

Compatible with Dexcool® type antifreeze

BTNMOAT - Heavy Duty Organic Acid Technology containing Nitrite and Molybdate

Compatible with NMOAT, CAT®, International® and Rotella® types of antifreeze


BTEGHTF - Ethylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

BTPGHTF - Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid