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Blend Tech BTPGHTF
Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

Antifreeze Blending Additive
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BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid is an inhibited propylene glycol designed for use in hydronic systems. The inhibitor system is designed to protect metals commonly found in residential and commercial installations such as brass, copper, solder, steel, and cast iron. The BTPGHTF formula also includes an orange dye, for leak detection, and an antifoam to minimize foaming during service. The effectiveness of BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid in preventing corrosion has been proven both in use and in extensive laboratory testing. Using BTPGHTF in place of brine solutions or uninhibited glycol/water solutions lowers maintenance costs and improves heat transfer efficiency.


Line Heaters
BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid recommended for use in line heaters. A line heater circulates a heated fluid around a pipe to raise the temperature of the pipe contents in order to control reactions or ease pumping operations.

Snow-Melting and Refrigeration Systems
BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid is recommended for snow-melting systems for loading ramps, walkways, highways, and airfield runways, and as a coolant in ice rinks and air conditioning systems

Combination Heating and Cooling Systems
BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid is recommended in combination heating and cooling systems for large buildings. The excellent corrosion protection afforded by BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid prolongs the life of the piping in these systems. BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid is also excellent for solar energy collection systems.

Thermal Energy Storage Systems
BTPGHTF heat transfer fluid is recommended for use in all thermal energy storage systems. The specially formulated inhibitor package is designed to protect common system metals from corrosion at glycol concentrations as low as 20%.


Specification Sheet

SpecSheet - BT PGHTF
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