Blend Tech CSC
Cooling System Cleaner

BTCSC is a liquid cleaner specially designed for removing rust, sludge, and scale from radiator and engine cooling systems of automobile, Light-Duty and Heavy Duty-Engines. It will not adversely affect water pump seals or radiator hoses.

BTCSC is a well balanced mixture of carboxylic acid derivatives, ethoxylated surfactants, and demineralized water, free of hydrocarbon solvents, triethanolamine, metasilicate, pyrophate, carbonate, and alkaline compounds.

A pre weighed steel rod was heated to 400° F (204° C) while immersed in hard water for seven days to create a deposit of hard water scale. The rod was removed, dried and weighed. The amount of deposit was determined to be 2.019 grams. The rod was then replaced in the hot surface scale test rig and 10% BTCSC was added to the hard water. After 60 minutes, the rod was removed and dried. The weight loss was determined to be 1.785 grams, or 88% of the hard water scale deposit. Testing was performed at Amalgatech, Laboratories, Phoenix, AZ

The following are Before and After pictures of the test sample rods.




BTCSC Cleaning Instructions:

CAUTION: be sure the engine is cold before you start removing the radiator pressure cap.

  1. Remove the radiator pressure cap
  2. Locate the drain valve and open it, and drain completely out the previous liquid (antifreeze or water) from the cooling systems, allowing enough time for all the liquid to drain out the radiator, and finally close the petcock (drain valve).
  3. With the petcock closed, fill the radiator with tap water until half its capacity.
  4. Add BTCSC in the optimum combination 1 part to of BT CSC to 9 parts of water (10% BT CSC by Volume).
  5. Start the engine and add tap water until the radiator is full.
  6. Let the engine run until it reaches its operating temperature (80-90ºC or 176-194ºF)). This will take 15 to 20 minutes.
  7. Keep the engine running for another 15 to 20 minutes.
  8. Let the engine cool down to approximately 60ºC or 140ºF, insert a garden hose into the fill spout of the radiator, open the petcock and simultaneously fill and drain the radiator.
  9. If the draining water appears rusty, continue filling and draining until the water is clear and foam is observed.
  10. Stop the engine and finally drain the coolant system completely.

Finally, add your preferred antifreeze, preferably BTNN80.