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Blend Tech BTOAT

Antifreeze Blending Additive
Product Information Sheet


BTOAT additive syrup is a single component product that is used to blend premium quality extended life antifreeze / engine coolant for use in light duty vehicles. Used as directed, blending BTOAT with glycol* or 50% glycol and water will result in engine coolant that complies with ASTM D3306 (in virgin glycol) or ASTM D6471 / D6472 (in properly recycled engine coolant). The chemistry is compatible with Dex-Cool and other OAT coolants. This type of coolant is sometimes referred to as "extended life", "extended service", "long life" or "OAT".

BTOAT Blending Syrup if used a s directed will provide satisfactory performance in most cars and trucks including the following:


Blending Procedure

Blending Procedure BTOAT EG 50-50 Premix