Antifreeze Information Overview

Free information about our coolant inhibitor chemistry.

Information sheets available here are provided as a general overview for people interested in improving their understanding of engine coolant, antifreeze and engine cooling systems in cars and trucks.


Antifreeze and Engine Coolant Overview

Cavitation Corrosion:

in Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

in Light Duty Engines


Coolant Filters

Coolant Additives

Dex Col® (GM Dexcool brand)

Diesel Engine Coolant

Electrolysis in Engine Coolants

Freeze Points

Coolants for Warm Climates


Heat Transfer Properties

List of Coolant Components

Maintaining Cooling Systems:


Light Trucks

Heavy Duty Diesels

Mixing Coolants, Compatibility

Recycling Antifreeze

Testing Antifreeze or Coolant:

in the Field

in the Laboratory