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Blend Tech BTNN80
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Antifreeze Blending Additive
Product Information Sheet


BTNN80 additive syrup is a single component product that is used to blend premium quality extended life antifreeze / engine coolant for use in virtually any vehicle. Used as directed, blending BTNN80 with glycol* or 50% glycol and water will result in engine coolant that complies with ASTM D3306, ASTM D6210. The chemistry is compatible with Caterpillar ELC and other type EC-1 coolants. This type of coolant is sometimes referred to as "heavy duty extended life", "heavy duty extended service", "heavy duty long life" or Organic acid type inhibitor.

BTNN80 Blending Syrup if used a s directed will provide satisfactory performance in most cars and trucks including the following:

Table of Properties and Typical ASTM Test Results blended with EG as Coolant:


Dilution Procedure

Dilution Procedure BTNN80 Heavy Duty/ Automotive